Managing commands

This is how you enable/disable commands

Command Management

You can manage Wump's commands in various ways, some of them are:

  1. Deleting a command's file

  2. Disabling the command in it's extData

  3. Editing the enabled commands inside of the configuration file

Deleting a command's file

This is the simplest way to disable a command: by deleting it entirely. Although this is not recommended but it is an option, do as followed inside of the root directory:
# Linux / Mac
rm -rf src/commands/Discord/<category>/<command>
# Windows
del ./src/commands/Discord/<category>/<command>

Disabling the command

This is a much safer way than just straight up deleting the command: by editing a command's extData. The structure of a command's extData is like this:

cmd.extData = {
path : undefined,
name : 'ping',
syntax : 'ping',
bearer : 'wump',
aliases : [ 'pong' ],
argument : [],
description: 'Lists latencies',
hidden : false,
enabled : true,
cooldown : 1000,
category : 'Utility',
ownerOnly : false,
guildOnly : false,
permissions: [ 'embedLinks' ]

You can disable a command simply by changing enabled to false You can also hide a command but still make it usable by changing hiddento true Or you can make a command "op" only by setting ownerOnly to true

Editing the configuration

The best way is by editing the Discord.commands array inside of your configuration file, the syntax is as followed:

- * # Enables all commands
- wump.* # Enables all commands with bearer "wump"
- wump.utility.* # Enables all commands in category "utility" from bearer "wump"
- # Only enables the "ping" command in category "utility" from bearer "wump"